Offering the homemade taste of Grandma Toki

Grandma Toki’s food items, produced in a unique way using fresh bonito and tuna obtained in Kesennuma, are mild and savory. People who eat them feel a sense of home and comfort.

Taste and materials

Grandma Toki’s food items are produced with a desire to have people recall the rustic and simple flavors of home cooking of ages past.

Taste and materials


Each product is carefully made by hand by the staff with equipment installed at the company’s own factory.



The trusted flavor is that nostalgic taste.

Maruchi Murakami Shoten, Representative: Yuichi Murakami

“I found my place, Kesennuma, after going to Tokyo.”

When I visited Maruchi Murakami Shoten on Matsuzaki Maehama in Kesennuma, Managing Director Yuichi Murakami greeted me with a smile. His father, who serves as the president, now watches over the business. In reality, it’s Murakami who manages the operations, working hand in hand with his wife, who handles administration and accounting.

Born in Kesennuma, Murakami graduated from high school and then left his hometown. His parents encouraged him to “do what you love,” so he eagerly headed to Tokyo. Although he experienced various things during his time in Tokyo, he reflects, “Looking back now, it was a good time to think about what I should do in the future.” One day, he met his uncle who lived in Tokyo and shared his life plan. His uncle’s response was, “If you’re going to struggle, you might as well struggle at home.” With those words, all the doubts and confusion in his heart disappeared, and he resolved to return to Kesennuma. It was the spring of his 21st year.

Upon returning to Kesennuma and starting to help with the family business, Murakami felt a sense of belonging. He realized that this was where he truly belonged. However, at that time, it was still a small company with only a few employees, and it operated only during the fishing season, making it a “seasonal job.” Therefore, half of the year was spent working hard at a civil engineering plant. Nevertheless, despite the challenges, he found every day to be enjoyable and fulfilling.

While there were various struggles in his work, the company continued to grow, and eventually, the “Tokiba-chan’s Handmade Side Dish Series” was born, becoming the flagship product.

If my mother approves, it will surely bring joy to everyone.

After the earthquake, as we aimed to rebuild the company, a taste suddenly came to mind for Mr. Murakami. It was the flavor of “the bento my mother used to make.” That nostalgic taste, which one could eat every day without getting tired of, was a handmade side dish typical of Kesennuma.

From there, trial and error began. “I wanted to surprise her when it’s finished,” he said. He continued product development in secret from his mother. Even the name “Toki Baa-chan’s…” was kept under wraps.

As the products were about to be stocked in local supermarkets, he wanted to report it before his mother saw it in store. But first, he wanted to hear the opinion of his sister, who lived in Kanagawa. He called her to report that he had created such a product, and her immediate response was, “That’s great!” The next day, when he went to report to his mother, it seemed that his sister had contacted her first, as his mother was smiling. “If it sells well and they come to interview me, what should I do?” It was the moment when the product was officially approved by his mother.

Family bonds. Family gatherings. And the taste of Toki Grandma.

In the factory on the first floor, surrounded by a pleasant aroma, employees were hard at work. Upstairs in the office overlooking the beautiful sea from the windows, Mr. and Mrs. Murakami sat side by side at their desks. A close-knit couple who support each other both personally and professionally.

Their eldest son, a teacher, and their second son, a university student, live away from home in Saitama. Currently, it’s just Mr. and Mrs. Murakami and the couple enjoying life together. At home, they look forward to enjoying a drink with their father every evening. Recently, they shared a bottle of wine gifted by their eldest son with his first paycheck. The taste of the wine was, of course, exceptional. But what made it truly special was perhaps the nostalgic homemade side dishes made by Toki Grandma, surely served alongside the wine.