Kesennuma lies along the Sanriku Coast, which is near one of the world’s top fishing grounds. A variety of exceptionally fresh marine delicacies are delivered to Kesennuma every day. In the Shishiori district, we process them into tasty, high quality food items using our years of experience and skill.
The Kesennuma Shishiori Marine Product Processing Cooperative is making efforts to provide processed marine food items to people throughout Japan.



“Chairman’s address”

理事長“In March 2011, the tsunami from the Great East Japan Earthquake dealt a devastating blow to the Shishiori district of Kesennuma. In a situation where restarting businesses individually was difficult, a group of determined individuals came together, giving birth to the Kesennuma Shishiori Processing Cooperative in 2012. This cooperative is not merely aimed at returning to the pre-disaster state. Our goal is to bring about a change in mindset, share values, and build a new ‘Kesennuma Shishiori’ brand. To achieve this, we have constructed large-scale refrigerators and seawater facilities as a cooperative. Within these large facilities, each member company has a presentation room where they can showcase their products, and we are also working on developing unified brand products for the cooperative. By visiting here, you can see products from all 18 member companies, all under the unique ‘Kesennuma Shishiori’ brand. For us, the real challenge begins now. With unified focus, we will continue to strive for even more attractive product development. Thank you for your continued support.”